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Sepahi Law Group APC is a full-service business law firm that can represent your company on transactional matters as well as in business and employment litigation. Our firm aims to do more than just provide top-notch legal representation. We want to help your business succeed in achieving its goals, in protecting its interests and in growing and thriving in a competitive economic marketplace.

At Sepahi Law Group APC, we work hard to develop long-term relationships and even partnerships with our business clients. We are the go-to source for legal advice and information for those we represent, and our goal is to ensure we always keep your trust by communicating regularly, empowering your business to make the right choices and protecting your legal interests. 

Call today to speak with a member of our legal team and to learn more about how our business attorneys can help your business.

How Sepahi Law Group Can Help You

At Sepahi Law Group, our goal is to help your business to avoid costly litigation while still protecting your interests. We will be there at every step, from advising you at the start of your business on the right corporate form to take to helping you to wind up your business when it is dissolving to everything in between.

Members of our practice groups can work together to ensure you have the best answers to your legal questions and that you do everything possible to protect your company’s reputation, finances and important business relationships. From writing company handbooks to prevent discrimination lawsuits to defending you from lawsuits or pursuing a claim against those who would harm to your business interests, our attorneys will tailor our representation to your company’s needs.  We will find the most cost-effective solution for you that can give you the best chance of achieving the outcome you desire.

To learn more about how our attorneys can represent your business, feel free to browse client testimonials and information at our site. You can also call any time to speak with a member of our legal team and to learn how our firm can take care of the legal needs of your company so you can focus on operations that make your business a success.    

How Can We Help?

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  • Business Client

    I appreciate the friendliness and the prompt response I would receive from him. I would definitely recommend Mr. Sepahi he is very knowledgeable in what he does and I wouldn't hesitate to use his service again. I had a really good experience working with him.

  • Daniel

    I am also an attorney in San Diego. I needed a business law attorney to assist me with a very complex matter. As I have been an attorney in family law for 9 years, I did not even know where to start in looking for a business attorney. I was informed about Sage Sepahi who had an excellent representation in Northern California. I was a bit nervous about using someone new to San Diego, but I couldn't have been happier. I got a six figure settlement and am very pleased. He knows business law like the back of his hand and was great. I would never use anybody else and find he was extremely professional and always returned calls and emails.

  • Steve

    I hired Sage a couple years ago to step into a case that my previous lawyers had managed to screw up. From the moment Sage took over my case things changed. He understood the complex issues I was dealing with created an effective strategy that allowed us to prevail on every significant aspect of the case. I hired Sage during a very stressful time in my life and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being a business owner for the past 25 years, I have dealt with many attorneys who view you as a quick and easy way to make a buck. Sage is the exact opposite of this- highly ethical and trustworthy. I can't thank Sage enough and he will be the first person I call when another issue presents itself.

  • BT

    Sage has represented me in a variety of legal matters including business disputes, transactional matters and employee conflicts. Sage is a great communicator and his ability to prevent legal problems before they arise. He is among the best attorneys I have worked with. I highly recommend Sage.

  • Matthew

    Attorney Sage Sepahi is simply the best! Sage came highly recommended by one of my clients who was in a similar situation as I was with his business partners. He took on a tough case for me and I was very happy with the results. He goes out of his way to ensure you are kept up-to-date on the status of your case to the end. I would definitely recommend Sage if you are looking for a honest, efficient and knowledgeable attorney. Thank you Sage!