What are the Benefits of Mediation?

If you are involved in a business dispute, it is a good idea to consider mediation as an option. Mediation is an alternative to litigation that works very differently than going to court. Your company could benefit from saving money and preserving relationships if you consider mediation as an approach to resolving problems. mediation

Sepahi Law Group, APC has extensive experience representing clients in mediation proceedings. Our San Diego business litigation attorneys understand the benefits of mediation and we have the knowledge and skills necessary to help maximize the chances that your mediation process will be a success. Because our attorneys are also experience in business litigation, we understand your rights, can help you to determine what a likely court outcome would be and are prepared to represent you if mediation breaks down. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a cooperative proceeding in which parties involved in a dispute or disagreement work together to craft a solution that works effectively for everyone involved.  Litigation, on the other hand, is adversarial. The goal of litigation is to make a judge see your position as the correct position and find on your behalf in a dispute. Litigation may result in an outcome that is less advantageous to all parties.

There are many benefits of mediation when business disputes arise.  Mediation can be used to resolve:

  • Disputes between multiple business entities.
  • Disputes between employers and current or former employees.
  • Disputes between a business and customer.
  • Disputes in a real estate, lease or construction contract.
  • Disputes between business owners.

These are just a few examples of situations where mediation may be used as an alternative to litigation to resolve disagreements. The benefits of mediation in these and other situations include:

  • Cost savings. It is usually less expensive for parties involved in a dispute to work with a mediator and to come to a compromise. If a case goes to court, there will be expenses for court fees, added legal costs, expert testimony and case preparation. Mediation makes it possible to avoid all of these added expenditures.
  • Time savings. It can be much faster and easier to resolve a dispute during mediation than to wait for a court hearing, spend time presenting evidence in court and wait for a judicial ruling.
  • Privacy. When a case goes to court, the details of your business affairs are shared before a judge and often in open court. Your dispute could become public and the facts and circumstances of your disagreement could become part of court record.
  • Preserving relationships. Often, disputes arise between companies or individuals that may need to work together in the future.  Mediation allows for these parties to resolve differences cooperatively to salvage and even strengthen relationships after a disagreement.
  • Better outcomes. The parties involved in a dispute are in the best position to know their preferred outcome. Mediation makes it possible for parties to communicate and compromise to craft the best possible solutions.

Because of the many benefits of mediation, it is advisable to consider this method of resolving your business disputes. Call a San Diego business litigation attorney at Sepahi Law Group or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help with the mediation process.

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