How can a San Diego Real Estate Lawyer Help Me?

san diego real estate lawyerA real estate lawyer provides invaluable advice and representation whenever you are entering into a contract to buy property, to sell property or to lease property.  Property transactions can have huge financial ramifications and there are many different legal pitfalls that can arise during the transaction.

At Sepahi Law Group APC, our experienced San Diego real estate attorneys represent buyers, sellers, lessees and lessors of both commercial and residential properties. We understand the real estate laws inside-and-out and we work to ensure that the deal goes done while your interests are protected.  Call today to speak with a member of our legal team and to learn how we can assist you.

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer Provide Assistance?

The specific types of help that a real estate lawyer can provide to you are going to vary depending upon whether you are buying a property, selling a property, leasing your rental property or entering into a lease agreement for commercial or residential space.

In every transaction, however, one of the most important things that a real estate lawyer can do is advise you on the terms of the contractual agreement. When a property is purchased by a buyer, a purchase/sales agreement is entered into. The agreement will specify the offer amount, any contingencies imposed by buyers or sellers, and other specific details of the transaction such as who is responsible for closing costs and title insurance.   You should never sign any type of contract for the purchase or sale of real estate without speaking with your attorney first, as you can be legally bound by a contract even if you do not understand its terms.

Attorneys can also help with other aspects of the purchase or sale of property. For example, your lawyer can help with zoning issues; code violations; securing financing; and obtaining title insurance to ensure the property has a clear title.  Your lawyer should represent only your interests during the transaction- the buyer and the seller will have separate attorneys advising them and negotiating the terms of the agreement.

In lease transactions, it is also important to have the contract reviewed by an attorney.  Both residential and commercial leases can contain many clauses that protect either the buyer or the seller, including rules on rental payments and accepted use of rental units.  The duration of the lease is one important factor to negotiate, as well as a clause regarding a right to renew the lease agreement.

These are just a few examples of ways in which a real estate attorney can help you. Call Sepahi Law Group APC to schedule a consultation and learn more about the assistance our San Diego real estate lawyer can provide with your real estate deal.

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