Class Action Litigation


Class action litigation involves multiple parties who suffered a similar wrong filing one large lawsuit.  Class actions can be damaging to your business interests, both because of the financial expense associated with the lawsuit as well as because of the potential damage to your company reputation when the lawsuit becomes public.

It is essential to respond quickly and proactively to class action litigation to minimize any potential adverse effects. In some instances, it is possible to challenge the formation of the class. In other cases, negotiating a settlement or defending your business is the right choice.  No matter what your situation, Sepahi Law Group APC will provide you with the legal representation your business needs to respond in the best way possible to the class action litigation.

Understanding Class Action Litigation

A class action is filed by a representative plaintiff and his or her attorney. Additional plaintiffs who were harmed by a similar wrong will join the action as well.  A judge must certify the class of plaintiffs, which will be done only if:

  • The class of plaintiffs is large enough that joinder of the class members is not practical.
  • There are both questions of law and questions of fact common to the class of plaintiffs
  • The claims or defenses of the representative parties are typical of the claims of all class members
  • The representative plaintiff will act fairly to protect the interests of other class members

Many businesses are able to successfully object to the formation of a class action because of a lack of substantially similar harm among different class members. In many other cases, arbitration clauses contained in contractual agreements may effectively limit or eliminate the right of perspective plaintiffs to form a class action.

If your company is facing a class action that is moving forward within the court system, you need an experienced litigator to stand up for your business in court and to protect your interests. Sepahi Law Group APC is a member of the Association of Business Trial Lawyers (ABTL) and our experienced class action attorneys have the legal skills and knowledge needed to handle even complex class action litigation on the federal level.

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Having the very best legal counsel is essential when your business is facing a large and potentially costly lawsuit. Our attorneys will work with your company’s in-house counsel or can provide sole representation to your business whenever your company is sued or facing mass tort litigation.

To learn more about how our class action litigation attorneys in San Diego, California can help to protect you and empower your company to make the right choices throughout the litigation process, call or contact us online today to speak with a member of our legal team.

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