A Real Estate Lawyer Can Help With Construction Problems

Residential and commercial construction projects can take months to complete and there is a great deal of opportunity for problems to arise. From projects that fail to live up to customer expectations to owners who do not pay as promised, both owners/investors and builders/general contractors frequently have reason for complaint during and after a construction project. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When a disagreement arises or any party fails to fulfill an obligation under a construction contract, it is essential for an experienced real estate attorney to be consulted. A San Diego real estate lawyer at Sepahi Law Group, APC can provide comprehensive help with construction problems. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how a lawyer can assist you.

A Real Estate Lawyer Can Help With Construction Problems

Some examples of different types of construction issues a real estate lawyer can help with include the following:

  • The negotiation and drafting of a construction contract or design service agreement.
  • Disputes over construction contract terms or provisions.
  • Nonpayment issues including mechanics liens and contractor collection.
  • Scope of work disputes.
  • Problems resulting from design deficiencies.
  • Poor workmanship.
  • Issues with insurance.
  • State licensing board hearings for contractors.
  • Legal issues arising from surety bonds.

These are just some of the myriad complications that can arise when a construction project goes wrong and any of the parties to the construction agreement are dissatisfied with contact performance. Both builders and contractors as well as investors or owners should speak with an attorney for help with construction problems.

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help with Construction Problems?

A real estate lawyer can provide many different types of legal services to owner/investors or to builder/contractors who become involved with a construction dispute or who experience problems during a project. Your lawyer can:

  • Review a construction contract to ensure that it is sufficiently protective of your interests; contains reasonable clauses; and provides sufficient details to allow a project to be successfully completed according to acceptable standards.
  • Review the terms of an existing construction contract when disputes arise and provide guidance on how the terms would likely be interpreted in court and what obligations those contract terms impose on parties to the agreement.
  • Advise you on whether specific terms of a construction contract would be enforceable and what their enforcement means for your legal interests.
  • Represent you in mediation if a disagreement arises over performance of a construction contract. Mediation can be a less costly and less contentious alternative to litigation that can make it possible to compromise and maintain amicable relations. This is essential when disputes arise during the course of a project, as the builder may need to continue working on the project until completion.
  • Represent you in litigation. When the issue is a serious one, the construction dispute may need to be resolved by a judge. Your attorney can conduct an investigation and help make a compelling argument in favor of your position on the case.

Construction projects are big investments with lots of money at stake. It is essential you get help with construction problems from a lawyer who understands the ins-and-outs of the construction industry and who is committed to fighting for you.  Contact a San Diego construction dispute lawyer at Sepahi Law Group, APC for help with your construction issues.

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