A Real Estate Lawyer Can Help With Construction Issues

Construction is a major undertaking and there are risks for both general contractors as well as for owners/investors.  From the negotiation of a contract to the completion of the finished project, problems can arise and there may be myriad disagreements over who is responsible for covering excess costs.  Owners may not pay as promised, and contractors may not complete the job as promised. Parties to a contract may not have the same understanding of terms, and this can create ongoing disagreements throughout the completion of the construction work. construction

When construction issues arise, it is imperative that you get the necessary legal assistance to understand your rights. A San Diego real estate lawyer at Sepahi Law Group can provide you with the assistance you need to resolve your construction disputes. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how an attorney can assist with your construction issues.

When Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help With Construction Issues?

A real estate lawyer is familiar with California rules and standards for construction and understands the ins-and-outs of different types of construction contracts. An attorney can provide invaluable advice to contractors or to owners/investors when disputes arise on a variety of legal matters including:

  • Construction contract terms. A construction contract should be negotiated with the assistance of a real estate lawyer and drafted by a legal professional who can use clear language and follow all California requirements for the creation of a valid contract. Unfortunately, sometimes even with the best of intentions, disputes can arise over the meaning of a term or a contract provision. A real estate lawyer can help to resolve this dispute or can represent you in a breach of contract claim arising from a construction contract.
  • Construction delays. Delays may feel like an inevitable part of the industry, but they can cost time and money. If a delay occurs, it is imperative to determine who must cover the costs. Owners or investors may seek compensation if there is a delay past the deadline specified in the contract, but valuing damages can sometimes be imprecise and difficult. Contractors may also have a legitimate reason for the delay and may be able to defend against a claim arising from a missed deadline.
  • Project specifications. When a project is not done to the specifications in the construction contract, or when the specifications are unclear, significant problems can arise. Contractors may incur extra costs due to poorly-written specifications, or owners/investors could find themselves with a bigger bill or a finished project different than what they were anticipating.
  • Mechanics liens. When payment is not made to contractors or subcontractors, a lien may be placed on property. This can prevent the property owner from having clean title, which can interfere both with securing financing and with being able to sell the property.

These are just a few of the myriad construction issues that may arise and that Sepahi Law Group, APC can provide assistance with. If you are experiencing construction issues, call today to speak with a knowledgeable and dedicated San Diego construction law attorney.

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