San Diego Real Estate Lawyers: Do They Handle Issues with Rental Properties?

san diego real estate lawyersRental properties can provide a good investment for owners and can provide opportunities for renters to live or run a business in a desired location.  There are myriad laws governing the relationship between landlord and tenant with both commercial and residential rental properties, and it is important for all parties to a lease transaction to understand their rights and their obligations.

The real estate lawyers at Sepahi Law Group, APC have extensive experience representing clients in San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar and throughout California within the rental property market. We can represent both landlords and tenants and we can assist with many different aspects of lease transactions. Call today to learn more.

Real Estate Lawyers and Rental Properties

There are a great many issues that can arise with both residential and commercial real estate that require the services of an experienced real estate lawyer.

For example, one of the first questions that must be answered is whether the lease will be a net-net-net, a double net lease, a net lease, a fully serviced lease or another type of lease arrangement.

  • With a net-net-net lease, the tenant is responsible for virtually all costs including taxes, insurance and maintenance as well as rent. Net, net net leases are more common in commercial real estate rental transactions as compared with residential transactions.
  • A double net lease, on the other hand, means that the tenant pays part of taxes and insurance in addition to rent, but not maintenance and repairs.
  • A fully-serviced lease is at the opposite end of the spectrum and means that the landlord is responsible for providing certain services above-and-beyond the rental unit. The landlord may pay property taxes and utilities and/or more provide other services such as janitorial service.

A residential real estate lawyer can explain the different lease types and help you to make the best choice for your needs. Your attorney can then negotiate the specific terms of the lease agreement.

For simple residential real estate transactions, this may be an easy project that simply involves negotiating rent; responsibility for utilities; lease term; security deposit and rental rules. For commercial leases, on the other hand, there may be myriad complex clauses including rights to renew the lease and limitations on leasing to competing businesses.

Your attorney can help with these issues as well as all other aspects of a rental real estate transaction so you can be confident that you are entering into a lease agreement with knowledge of your obligations and your rights protected. Call Sepahi Law Group, APC today to learn more about how our San Diego real estate lawyers can help.

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