Signing a Contract in San Diego: What if I have a contract that I must sign before I could consult with a lawyer, but am now feeling doubts about?

signing a contract in san diegoWhen you sign a contract, the contract becomes legally binding. You must fulfill the terms of the contractual agreement or you can be sued for breach of contract. As such, you should not ever sign a contract that you do not understand and it is almost always a good idea to have an experienced attorney review the contractual agreement before you sign it.  This is especially important if you are having doubts about whether the contract is sufficiently protective of your interests.

Sepahi Law Group APC is available to review contractual agreements and help you to understand your obligations and the implications of signing a contract in San Diego. Our attorneys can provide you with top-notch legal advice on whether signing the contract is advisable and about what additional provisions you may wish to include or changes to make. Call now before signing a contract in San Diego and end up facing legal problems down the road.

Talk to a Lawyer Before Signing a Contract

When you sign a contract, you have a duty to read the agreement first and to understand exactly what you are agreeing to.  A lack of understanding about the terms of the contract does not excuse you from fulfilling its terms.   Likewise, a contract that you fail to read fully is still going to be legally binding on you.

This means that if you have any doubts at all about whether a contract is in your best interests or not, you should avoid signing the agreement.  If you are being pressured to sign the agreement quickly, especially before consulting with a lawyer, then you definitely should insist on waiting. There is virtually no legitimate reason why you would not be given a brief period of time to consult with a lawyer before signing the contract. If you are pressured to sign without first getting a legal opinion, this could be a red flag that the contract is disadvantageous to you.

Your attorney can help to ensure that the contract is sufficiently protective of your interests, and may be able to negotiate a better agreement that allows you to achieve your objects. At Sepahi Law Group APC, we have extensive experience facilitating agreements to ensure that the deal gets done but that it is also as advantageous to you as possible under the circumstances.

To learn more or to have an experienced attorney review your contract, call Sepahi Law Group APC today to speak with a member of our legal team.

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